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ISSN: 2397-2696

 Online submission to the Journal of Social  Science & Allied Health Professions

​The Journal of Social Science & Allied Health Professions (SSAHP) is an official peer-reviewed journal based in the United Kingdom (UK).  The Journal publishes articles on a number of topical issues within the allied health professions.  As such, it disseminates knowledge in the field of the social sciences leading to advances in quality and innovation in patient care. Each publication is developed under the direction of the professional Editorial Board consisting of national and international academics. 

To submit an article to this journal please email the following documents to

1) Cover Letter

​2) Abstract

3)Title page (with author details)

4) Full manuscript (without author details)

A 'guide for authors'  can be found here.  This may help with any queries you may have,

Upon submission our aim is to critically review and provide feedback as soon as possible (approximately 4-6 weeks).  In addition we welcome posters that have been displayed at national and international conferences facilitating wider dissemination, which can be submitted in any format to the managing editors. 

We look forward to receiving your submission.

Dr Christopher Hayre